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About Healthy Futures

Rock Maze

Healthy Futures is a provider of strategy and operations consulting services to private, public sector, and non-profit organizations.


Our project teams conduct bespoke analysis by synthesizing quantitative data and qualitative inputs to provide insight into the complex relationships between people, processes, products, and technology. We identify where complexity yields opportunities and help our clients formulate their vision, address their challenges and constraints, and optimize their operations.  

The quantitative and qualitative approach to strategy and operations provides our clients with:

  • Strategic options and opportunities translated into actionable plans

  • Measurable plans with key performance indicators and specific targets

  • Visibility into cost drivers and operational constraints

  • Mapped-out value-added processes

  • Clear roles and responsibilities to ensure accountability for results

  • Engaged and aligned stakeholders

Our Team

Healthy Futures team members are highly educated, experienced, passionate professionals from the public, private, and non-profit sectors.

Our People

  •  Appreciate working with facts and logic;

  •  Value precision and detail;

  •  Are politically aware and astute;

  •  Have been clients and appreciate the reality of market conditions and operational constraints; and

  •  Care deeply about the efficient use of corporate and public resources.

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