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Project Management

At its core, strategic planning is about developing a compelling vision of an organization’s future and determining how its leadership, employees, and partners can take it there. Healthy Futures works with you to facilitate a comprehensive planning process to assess the current state, identify challenges and opportunities, develop an inspiring vision of the future, and establish clear and pragmatic steps to achieve it. Components of the work may include:


  • Vision, mission, and values

  • Situational analysis and environmental scan

  • Market assessment

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Strategic goals and objectives

  • KPIs, targets, and scorecards

  • Governance and board support

  • Leadership development

  • Employee and stakeholder engagement

  • Business cases and funding proposals

The ability of an organization to deliver on its vision and mission relies on those who operate its functions everyday, right down to that critical last mile. Operations span the infrastructure, processes, policies, procedures, and people across an organization.

How the work is done is just as important as what work is done. Our approach to optimizing operations leaves no stone unturned. Components of the work may include:


  • Operational plans

  • Multi-year budgets

  • Business intelligence and reporting

  • Operational reviews and performance audits

  • Risk management and controls

  • Process reengineering and optimization

  • Resource allocation and utilization analysis

  • Cultural alignment

  • Performance management

Change needs to be effectively planned and managed to support an organization's vision, accelerate growth, address evolving market conditions, and continually improve operations. Healthy Futures applies leading program and project management methods to deliver projects on time and in scope. We develop the tools, work aides and deliver the training to help you build organizational knowledge and capacity. Components of the work may include:


  • Program design and development

  • Program evaluation

  • Project management offices

  • Project control tools

  • Resource and capacity assessments

  • Procurement and contract management

  • Vendor management

  • Stakeholder management

  • Service integration 

  • Change management

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