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Aligning strategy and operations



Healthy Futures provides evidence-informed strategy, operations, and workplace synergy consulting services to organizations across industries who seek to realize positive outcomes for their investors, customers, employees, and communities.

As organizations evolve to meet changing market conditions and stakeholder needs, they may encounter a broad range of strategic, operational, and corporate culture issues. We provide the methodologies, tools, and direct support to help our clients scale their businesses, establish healthy, productive workplaces, address common growing pains, and set their teams up for success.


Our consulting approach leverages both qualitative and quantitative methods. We work alongside our clients to provide additional capacity and new capabilities so they can continue to focus on meeting customer needs while establishing the plans, operations, and corporate cultures that will enable them to deliver positive results in their markets, communities, and workplaces.


To be the trusted advisory partner to organizations who value healthy growth, positive cultures, and improving lives.


​We provide evidence-informed strategy, operations, and workplace synergy consulting services to help organizations deliver positive outcomes for their investors, customers, employees, and communities.


Integrity: We believe in honesty and transparency in all our interactions and foster a culture of goodwill, trust, and mutual respect.

Quality: We provide high quality, value-added services that deliver meaningful results to improve lives and livelihoods.

Creativity: Our team is innovative and flexible, we apply fresh thinking to develop unique, inspiring, and effective solutions.

Partnership: We are a proactive and responsive partner supporting clients along the journey to achieving their goals.



Healthy Futures supports organizations across industries to achieve healthy growth objectives through integrated strategy and operations planning and execution while nurturing healthy corporate cultures to achieve the right balance between performance and workplace wellness.


Approaches that help organizations achieve the right synergy and balance in the workplace and the world.

Growth and Culture services combined with deep industry expertise in the

non-profit, healthcare, and public sectors.

Strategies and operations to ensure sustainable growth that delivers progress over time while maintaining stability.

Healthy Cultures.png

Healthy Cultures achieve the right synergy and balance in the workplace and the world.

SYNERGY | In healthy organizational cultures, employees feel valued and supported and collaborate with each other by sharing ideas and complementing each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Workplace synergy recognizes interdependencies and encourages individuals to work together to produce better results than what they can achieve independently. Synergy generates a shared purpose, improved morale, more innovation and better overall performance.

Components of the work include: values cultivation, employee engagement strategies, team psychometric assessment, and ways of working commitments.

BALANCE | Achieving the performance-wellness balance is essential for an organization’s resilience and the success and well-being of its employees. Healthy organizations enable employees to find the right balance while delivering on the organization’s strategy, meeting their professional goals, and maintaining their health. Our work considers the roles, capabilities, performance expectations, and factors impacting physical and mental health in the workplace.


Components of the work include: corporate wellness plans, organizational policies and procedures, performance management systems, and leadership and career coaching.

Healthy Cultures

Healthy Growth is sustainable and delivers progress over time while maintaining stability.

Healthy Growth.png

STRATEGY | At its core, strategic planning is about developing a compelling vision of an organization’s future, determining how its leadership, employees, and partners can take it there and measuring success with meaningful indicators and targets. Our structured process assesses the current state, develops an inspiring vision of the future, identifies the opportunities and challenges, and develops the strategies and clear steps to realize that future state.


Components of the work include: vision, mission, and values, situational analyses, SWOT and PESTLE analyses, strategic priorities and goals, KPIs, scorecards, and business cases.

OPERATIONS | To successfully deliver on the vision and mission, organizations rely on those who operate its functions everyday, right down to that critical last mile. Operations span the policies, infrastructure, processes, and people across an organization. Our approach builds out the plans to execute the strategy and address the most common growing pains by optimizing the operating model, structure, processes, resources, tools, and budgets.


Components of the work include: operating plans, budgets, reporting plans, organizational structure and capacity analyses, process optimization, and project management.

Healthy Populations.png

Healthy Populations benefit from effective healthcare and social services in our communities.

PASSION | In addition to supporting organizations across industries to establish the strategies, processes, and workplace environments to support healthy growth, the Healthy Futures team is passionate about helping mission-driven organizations address their strategy, operations, and organizational culture challenges and opportunities.


We are a team committed to providing affordable, customized advisory services to healthcare, public sector and non-profit organizations in our local communities.

EXPERTISE | The Healthy Futures team members have deep expertise in public policy, non-profit management, and the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors. We bring our healthy growth and healthy cultures advisory services to organizations seeking to improve lives and livelihoods.


Our Healthy Populations work applies our strategy, operations, and project management skills to organizations seeking to make positive contributions in their workplaces and the world.

Healthy Populations


Strategy & Organizational Design
Values Cultivation & Project Management
Organizational Design & Team Synergy
Operational Review & Financial Model

The Client:
An International Humanitarian Organization

The Challenge:
After 60 years of operations, the organization recently experienced tremendous growth in the client population, number of programs, and complexity of services. They required a multi-year strategic plan to clarify their goals and objectives, followed by a capacity analysis and organizational restructure to enable them to effectively execute on the strategy.

Asset 4.png

Capabilities Deployed:


SWOT and PESTLE Analyses

Workshop Facilitation

Strategic Priorities & Goals

Capacity Analyses

Organizational Structure Design

The Solutions
Healthy Futures led the organization’s Board of Directors and staff through a structured strategic planning process. We conducted research and analysis, consultations, and ran a series of workshops to consider changes in the external environment, assess the internal organizational strengths and weaknesses, and redesign the future state of the organization’s programs and services through the eyes of the clients and stakeholders.

We identified opportunities and threats, clarified gaps and barriers
, and developed strategies to overcome hurdles and capitalize on opportunities to achieve the desired future state. The outputs of the planning process included an implementation-ready strategic plan with SMART goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with clear targets. Healthy Futures was further engaged to restructure the organization to build the capacity, resilience, and efficiency required to deliver on the strategic plan.

The Client:
A Property Development Company

The Challenge:
The rapidly growing organization had recently completed an acquisition and was looking to establish a strategic vision, mission, values, and goals for the newly expanded company. In addition, the company struggled with establishing priorities, aligning expectations, and enabling visibility and real-time tracking of projects across divisions and functions.

Asset 6.png

Capabilities Deployed:

Asset 5.png

The Solutions:
Healthy Futures led the development of the multi-year strategic plan including the vision, mission, goals and KPIs in a balanced scorecard and strategy map format for each division. We also applied our proprietary ‘Values Cultivation Cycle’ to identify the values that were expressed in the actions and behaviours that the Board members, employees, and customers appreciated the most.
To improve visibility and progress tracking across projects, Healthy Futures reviewed software options and selected, implemented, and trained teams on a project management system that bolted-on to the existing collaboration system to enable better visibility, active project management, and progress reporting. The Healthy Futures team worked alongside the project leads to set up the projects, identify interdependencies, configure reporting dashboards, and establish project review forums and processes.

Vision & Mission Development

Values Cultivation

Strategic Priorities & Goals

KPIs & Scorecards

Efficiency Tools

Project Management

The Client:
An International Pharmaceutical Company

The Challenge:
The company experienced rapid growth following the launch of their blockbuster drug resulting in growing pains, heavy workloads, lack of synergy, and unproductive ways of working. The global organization was no longer structured to meet the expanding market requirements and workloads needed to be re-prioritized and re-allocated in a new structure.

Asset 2.png

Capabilities Deployed:

Asset 1.png

The Solutions:
Healthy Futures was brought in to lead the facilitation of multiple planning workshops to design the new global organizational structure, re-prioritize and re-allocate work, and establish synergy across the leadership team. In preparation for the workshops, Healthy Futures conducted surveys, collected data, ran focus groups, and consolidated the findings and data inputs for analysis to inform the future state and workshops.

Through a series of fun and productive workshops, the senior team established the vision of the future state, identified barriers to overcome
, and re-prioritized work based on strategic pillars. The Healthy Futures team applied strategic design principles to determine the new global organizational structure required to deliver on the future state. Team synergy was explored through psychometric profiles and the application of values to establish new ‘ways of working’ commitments to meet the needs of the team and the business.

Workshop Facilitation

Strategic Priorities & Goals

Organizational Structure Design

Psychometric Profiling

Team Synergy and Balance

Ways of Working Commitments

The Client:
An Outpatient Healthcare Clinic

The Challenge:
The clinical services volume had been growing faster than the organization’s administrative and operational capabilities. The clinic anticipated further demand for services, but the systems were insufficient to handle the demand volume and the organization lacked a future state operating plan and financial model to plan growth and mitigate risks.

Asset 8.png

Capabilities Deployed:

Asset 7.png

The Solutions:
Healthy Futures was brought in to conduct an operational review and to improve efficiency by streamlining the growing volume and complexity of the administrative and operational functions. Administrative processes were reengineered, and Healthy Futures lead the procurement process for the selection of a new clinical management system. Healthy Futures also conducted a market assessment, SWOT analysis and PESTLE analysis to identify opportunities in the market and inform the development of a new vision and mission for the clinic.

To better understand the implications of further growth, Healthy Futures developed a 3-year strategy with a detailed financial model and operating plan that balanced clinical capacity, revenue, and costs to enable steady growth and expansion of the clinic. Healthy Futures applied our proprietary ‘Values Cultivation Cycle’ to identify and describe the values and interactions that exemplified the best features of the clinical approaches and operations of the clinic.

Process Reengineering

SWOT & PESTLE Analysis

Vision, Mission & Strategic Goals

Values Cultivation

Financial Modeling

Operating Plans


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